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Expert Irrigation Repair For Prescott, AZ

irrigation repair prescott azIf you live in Prescott and you need irrigation repairs, call on our experts at Guardian Landscape. We can work on any irrigation system you have installed and will make sure the repairs are done properly. We serve both residential and commercial property owners in Prescott and many other areas with a full range of landscaping services. Irrigation systems in Prescott are important here in Arizona if you want to have a lush, green lawn and healthy plants. Let us help you keep it in great shape when repairs are needed.

Seasonal Winterization For Prescott Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems need to be winterized if they are located in Prescott. While many only think about winterizing plumbing, they don't realize that the irrigation system is part of the plumbing system that is vulnerable to frozen pipes and busted fixtures. Guardian Landscaping offers seasonal irrigation packages for Prescott which are customized to your needs. They include:

  • 10-15% off parts
  • Monthly Inspection
  • Adjustments for Seasonal Watering Times

This service helps you save money, enjoy better water management, and keeps plants healthier. Read more about our seasonal winterization packages for Prescott Arizona.

Prescott Sprinkler & Controller Repair

Having an irrigation system that leaks or one that you can't count on is frustrating. You invested in the system, so when it isn't functioning properly it can leave you irritated. Irrigation system leaks can easily hike up your water bill to $400 per quarter, so it's important to have repairs done quickly. If you have an unreliable or leaking irrigation system, give our landscaping experts a call. We'll troubleshoot the problems and make the repairs for you at reasonable rates.

Smart Irrigation Control System Repairs

If you have a smart irrigation controller, repairs need to be made by an experienced professional landscaper who knows smart home systems. For the unit replacement, the system will need to be set up correctly. If you don't have a smart sprinkler or irrigation control system, you should consider looking into installing one. These systems help you save water and make controlling your sprinklers easier than you can imagine. It's so great to access the home's irrigation system when away from home and to count on it to water your lawn on schedule. If it's raining at home while you're on vacation, just jump online and turn it off or change the schedule anytime.

Many systems offer you 30-70% savings on your water bill. There are also moisture sensor features built into the sprinkler heads which ensures you are only watering when and for how long as is needed. Smart Irrigation Systems for Prescott homes can be tied into other smart home systems. Get started on home automation today!

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If you are interested in Irrigation Repair services in Prescott, AZ or the surrounding areas, please call us at 928-379-0063 or complete our online request form.

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