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Fire Wise Clean Up in Prescott

Fire Wise Landscaping Prescott AZ

Fire wise landscaping is a great way to create a defensible space to help protect your home in the event of a fire. When you hire our professional Prescott landscapers at Guardian Landscaping for fire wise clean up services, we'll remove fuel wood and brush from areas surrounding your home to help slow wild land fires.

The primary goal of fire wise landscaping is to reduce the amount of fuel in the area around your home. Fire wise landscaping gets rid of flammable vegetation and materials surrounding your home and increases the moisture content of the remaining vegetation. Our professionals are highly skilled and professionally trained, and we use the tried and true zoning method of fire wise landscaping to make sure that our services are as reliable as possible.

Using the Zone Concept

Zoning is the most effective way to ensure that fire wise landscaping in Prescott is reliable. The home itself and everything that surrounds it up to to 100-200 feet is the first zone, known as the "home ignition zone". The home ignition zone extends up to 200 feet around the home in areas where wild fires are common, like Prescott. That 200 foot area contains three other zones:

  • Zone 1 encompasses the structure of your home and all of of its attachments, including fences, decks, etc., for at least 30 feet on each side. We'll work to create a fire-free area within this zone where there are no flammable plants or fuels.
  • Zone 2 is 30-100 feet from the home, and plants in this zone need to be well-irrigated, not very flammable, and low-growing.
  • Zone 3 is 100 to 200 feet from the home and this area should be thinned, although less space is required than in Zone 2.

Remove Fuel Sources Close to the House

forest-fire-fire-wise-landscaping-prescottThe part of your Prescott home that is most vulnerable to catching fire is about 5 feet from the perimeter. Our professionals will ensure that there are no possible fuel sources in this area. Common fuels sources around the perimeter of a home include:

  • Juniper bushes
  • Mulch
  • Woody shrubs and plants

Small sparks can be driven from flames to these items, where they will catch fire and can easily spread the fire to your home. We'll make sure that ever nook and cranny surrounding your home is totally clear of any flammable items. If there are any limbs or branches overhanging the roof, or any branches close to/touching the house, they'll need to be trimmed back to at least 10 feet from the house. We'll also help you keep grass mowed low and well watered.

If you're looking for fire wise clean up and landscaping services in Prescott, call Guardian Landscape at 928-379-0063, or complete our online request form.

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