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Top 5 Cool Trends for Residential Water Features

Top 5 Cool Trends for Residential Water FeaturesThere’s a lot more to landscape care than just getting regular lawn mowing service. One of the services more homeowners are scheduling is adding one or more water features to their property.

A high-quality water feature looks good, can have a calming effect, and adds value to your property. The key to success with this type of addition to your landscaping and your property is that you let a professional take care of the project for you.

Trying to take on this type of project and make it a DIY task can lead to poor results, and even cause problems. So hire a pro and consider some of the trends that have homeowners excited again about designing decisions in their landscaping.

Make the Most of Your Great Outdoors

Fall is as good a time as any to start planning for your water feature. Even if you’re waiting until spring to have it installed, now you can start considering your options, making choices, and making plans.

Some of the top trends in water features currently include:

  • Smart Technology Designs
    It’s true that Smart Technology just seems to be taking over every aspect of the home. From security systems to window treatments, you can adjust and control just about anything with the touch of an app on your Smartphone. The exciting news is that the same is true for water features. Use your phone and AI like Alexa or Siri to adjust your water features.
  • Green Conservation
    It’s possible to incorporate both a water feature and green household practices in the same project. There are plenty of ways to make water features less wasteful now. This is great news for any households who have put off adding a water feature because of their concern for being more environmentally responsible.
  • Lighting
    Whether you want to add lighting to an existing water feature or add a water feature that incorporates lighting, safely mixing the two elements has become trendy. It not only beautifies the water feature and your property, it makes it possible to notice and enjoy this element, even once the sun sets.
  • Going Formal
    For the longest time, water features have been mostly ponds and natural looking elements. Now, more homeowners are opting to add water but adding a sense of formality and even outdoor elegance. It’s about making the details more structured and deliberate than natural, as well as using a color scheme revolving around greige instead of earthy blues and greens.

The most important part of ending up with landscaping, hardscaping, and water features you love is finding a professional to work with. When it comes to Prescott yard maintenance of any kind, call the experts at Guardian Landscape.

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