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Importance Of Professional Pruning

Importance of Professional PruningProfessional pruning saves you money while increasing the value and curb appeal of your whole property. Regular pruning of your trees and shrubs not only keeps them healthier and better looking now, but protects them from a whole host of potential problems as they grow and continue to mature.

Why Professional Pruning?

  • To improve a plant’s looks and help it keep the best shape and growth habit.
  • To prompt new growth, since plants respond to pruning by growing. Proper pruning also maximizes flowers and fruit.
  • To reduce foliage to what the roots can support on newly transplanted plants.
  • To improve a plant’s health by removing dead, diseased or insect-infested wood.
  • To allow more air and sunlight to reach inner branches, helping to prevent disease.
  • To remove weak or dead branches that could fall and hurt people or damage property.
  • To allow for better wind movement through the canopy, reducing the chances of damage in stormy weather.

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