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Prepare For Winter, Things To Remember

prepare for winterTurn water off at hose faucets; drain and store hoses.

Move freezable liquids indoors, such as pool supply cleaners, bug sprays, etc. Be sure to store them in a safe location away from food and children.

Cut back ornamental grasses.

Install markers or stakes along lawns, curbs, plants, sprinkler heads, etc. to provide a visual structure to help prevent damage from snow plows and snow removal services.

Prepare snow blowers, shovels and ice melter.

Add gas stabilizer to your power equipment before storing for winter.

Keep an ice scraper and snow brush, along with jumper cables and flashlight in your vehicle.

Keep lock de-icer handy in the event of frozen locks. Spray WD-40 or similar lubricant in locks to help prevent freezing problems.

Schedule service for your mower and power equipment for next season.

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