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Preparing Your Prescott Valley Landscaping for Autumn and Fall

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Anyone who has lived in Prescott Valley for at least a year knows that seasonal changes are not as drastic here as they are in some other parts of the country, but they do still occur. So, as with other parts of the country, this also means preparing your landscaping for these seasonal changes. With the unique conditions that we have to begin with, it is important for the success of your yard to set it up for success.

Everyone loves summer, but many are ready for the summer heat to subside. It means packing away strictly summer clothes and bringing out the clothing more suited to cooler nights. It is also important to prepare your lawn, garden or other aspects of your landscaping for changes in temperatures.

The days will get shorter and the likelihood of triple digit high temps will decrease. So, it is important for you to set your yard up for seasonal success by getting it prepared for these changes. The good news is that this is also an ideal time for planting so get ready to introduce new plant life into your landscape plan.

Steps Your Professional Landscaper Should Take

Partner with your local expert landscaping service provider in order to take care of the following tasks:

Fertilization – Fall is the perfect time to fertilize your landscaping, even here in Prescott Valley. Keep in mind your bushes and tress still have root growth occurring beneath the soil. In fact, a drop in temps is what signals a tree to focus on root growth and stop with growth above the soil. The components present in fertilizer stimulate root growth. This strengthening time not only promotes growth, it encourages your trees to be able to recover quicker from stressful events, such as disease or insects. Plus, any excess nutrients are stored in the roots and utilized by this unique system, that will use it in the spring for growth above ground.

Tree Maintenance – Now is the ideal time to dedicate attention to your trees. Summer heat and torrential downpours can take a toll on your trees. Pruning, trimming and generally checking on the condition of your trees is best addressed right now. However, do not make the mistake of exposing any large areas of your tree; this will make it more susceptible to damage during the winter.

Add Color – It is true that landscaping and gardens can begin to look dull, rundown and dead during the fall and winter months. In order to balance this out, this is the ideal time to plant fall annuals. You can use these plants and flowers to add accent colors to garden beds, or even implement them with hanging baskets. Your professional landscaper can advise you on plants that are appropriate for this time of year, such as Pansies and Snapdragons.

New Shrubs and Trees – This is also the ideal time to plant new shrubs and trees. While everyone thinks of spring as the ideal planting time, locals here know a benefit of Arizona living is this secondary planting season. As with already existing trees, planting now means focus is on establishment of strong roots for top growth in the spring, once the cooler weather has disappeared.

Get Expert Help

No matter how natural your landscaping looks it means a lot of hard work went into it. In fact, the more effortless your yard looks, the more work that has probably been invested into it. This is not the type of task that you should tackle as a DIY project; you are going to need true industry experts around to take care of this for you.

Smart local homeowners know that the name to trust, for this type of project, is Guardian Landscape. With two decades of hands-on experience working with locals, we know what it takes to address the service needs of our customers. We don't just shoot for meeting your expectations, our aim is always to exceed them.

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