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Top Tips for Your Pond in Cool Weather

Prescott Pond Installation and MaintenanceWhile Prescott may not exactly be known for true winter weather, anyone who is from here or lived here through a winter knows the temps can take a dip, especially at night. While the sun still tends to warm our desert area during the day, the night can be frigid if not drop below freezing. That has some local homeowners wondering if adding a pond to their yard landscape is a good idea, or even possible at all.

Take Good Care of Your Pond

Be it nothing more than a reflecting pool, or something ornate with living creatures, like a Koi pond. The bottom line is that, either way, you are going to want to be sure that it can weather the cooler temperatures we get here during the winter nights. The good news is that the answer is yes, and that is possible by following some of these useful tips!

First and foremost, keep your body of water clean. This is obviously even more important if you have fish. For one thing, it removes buildup, as well as potential obstacles for plant and fish life. This reduces the likelihood of parasites getting into the water and causing damage. Plus, it also just helps keep your pond looking its very best.

Take into consideration the size of the pond and the amount of fish. Ponds that are at least two feet deep, are less likely to freeze deep and that means more space and oxygen for the fish. However, if you have a shallow pond or too many fish, it may be advisable to bring them in for the winter. The trouble is more a lack of oxygen than the fish not being able to weather the cold, at least for larger fish.

Make it a point to keep a section of the pond free from ice. This is vital for the health of the fish and even plants because it allows for the necessary exchange of gases to continue. This is mostly important if the complete ice coverage will last for more than a couple of days, which is not common here in Prescott. However, should still be monitored.

In areas with much shorter periods of ice presence, an air bubbler is a handy device to invest in. Small water pumps and bubblers allow for pond aeration to continue. This can be a life-saving game changer for your fish.

Whatever you do, do not break the ice. Resulting shock waves could easily injure the fish or result in fatalities. Do what you can to protect the integrity, safety and well-being of these living creatures.

Getting Expert Advice

At Guardian Landscape, we want to help you have all the elements of your landscaping that you ever wanted, which also means learning important care tips to maintain it. There is no point in putting all that effort into creating the perfect landscaping and pond, only to have it ruined by inclement weather. Let the pros here partner with you, in order to help you get the results that you have always wanted.

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