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Winter Weed Control

Preemergent herbicideJanuary is the right time to get control of your weeds. Stop the weeds before they become a problem by using pre emergent. These pet safe products kill weed seeds as they begin to germinate so the weeds never sprout up to begin with. A small investment now will pay huge dividends throughout the summer months. With pre emergent weed control products, you can forget about those pesky weeds and just enjoy the parts of your yard where you intended to spend your time in the first place.

Winter is also a great time for pruning on most trees and shrubs. Once plants have gone dormant for the winter, the plant will be in the perfect stage of its yearly growth cycle for pruning to be effective and to avoid weakening or damaging the plant. Pruning allows more air and sunlight to filter through the tree, creating a higher resistance against disease and pests.

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