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Our Latest Projects in Prescott

Guardian Landscape Superior Paver Install

patio-paver-installationGuardian Landscape’s August and September project has been to rebuild this Paver Patio. The original install was done incorrectly. After only 4 months, the border was already crumbling. The pavers were not level and the water was not draining properly.


Dolphin Pond Restoration Service

Pond ServiceGuardian Landscape refurbished this pond that wasn’t even being used by cleaning, adding an auto-fill kit and algaecide.


Pond Service & Maintenance

Pond ServiceOne of our specialties is Pond Service & Maintenance. Here is a recent pond that we drained, cleaned out, replaced the pump and added fish friendly algicide.


Irrigation Repair Project in Prescott, AZ

Irrigation Repair Project Prescott, AZGuardian Landscape added a ball valve to separate irrigation from the house. The customer could not properly winterize the irrigation without turning off the house in the process. We separated the irrigation from the house, so we can properly winterize irrigation without turning off the house water.


Tree Removal Project in Prescott, AZ

Tree Removal Project Prescott, AZCustomer had three trees that he wanted remove. We were able to do the job successfully! The customer was very pleased.


General Yard Cleanup Project in Prescott, AZ

General Yard Cleanup Project Prescott, AZHula hoed all weeds in decomposed granite areas and pruned all over grown shrubs. Then we blew the whole property to remove leaves and debris.


Three Evergreen Tree Removal Project in Prescott, AZ

Three Evergreen Tree Removal Prescott, AZGuardian Landscape removed three evergreen trees with a Stihl Chainsaw.


Yard Drainage Project in Prescott, AZ

Yard Drainage Prescott, AZWater was leaking into the customer house through their side wall. We dug 4ft down to the foundation and put a sealant on the wall. After that we poured cement then followed with drainage hard pipe and added two catch basins that sit even with the ground. The last step concluded with placing P-gravel over the drainage pipe.


Versa-Lok and Paver Steps Project in Prescott, AZ

Versa-Lok and Paver Steps in Prescott, AZCustomer had no steps leading up to their back door. We designed a stairway using Versa-Lok and Pavers to create a more efficient and safer way to enter the home.


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